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How far in advance should I book my vacation?

To guarantee you get the villa you wish, it is best to book your preferred villa type 2-3 months in advance, especially for our signature villas: Moon Villa. This exclusive three-story villa transmits romanticism, is a perfect love nest for an unforgettable and romantic celebration overseeing the Caribbean. Aqua Villa. A unique romantic dimension in a tropical seclusion, ideal for sheer relaxation, making this villa the quintessence of Azulik.

How do I get to Tulum?

The closest airport is Cancun International Airport. Tulum is located 120 kilometers from the airport, approximately a 1.5 hour drive. We can arrange a private driver service for your convenience, offering one way or round-trip transportation. You can also select from different official local taxi services at the airport, or if you prefer you can arrange with our Reception to rent a car from our partner Europcar.

What is the concept of Azulik?

Azulik offer luxurious eco-friendly accommodations with seafront and jungle views, located amidst the Mayan jungle of Tulum. This adult-only, gay-friendly hotel is built with only local materials, minding the natural environment that surrounds this magical place. Azulik is a perfect retreat for nature lovers, honeymooners and those seeking for reconnection with themselves, their loved ones or nature.

Do you accept children and pets?

Due to our exclusive and relaxing concept, our minimum age on the premises is 18yrs old and we do not accept pets.

Do all rooms have electricity?

Yes. Each villa has 2 power outlets for charging phones, cameras, laptops etc. They are 110 volt, 2 prong sockets (like in USA). Instead of bright lights in the villas, we have candle lights. One of our tribe members comes by before sunset to light up your candles every night, this creates the most romantic and beautiful setting for you each night. Another reason we have candles and no artificial light is because of the turtles on our beach. During breeding season, we have many turtle nests on the beach and artificial light would mislead them to the wrong direction. This natural environment leads them every year back to our Azulik beach to lay their eggs.

Does Azulik have a private beach?

All beaches in Mexico are public. Azulik offers you a very exclusive and secluded beach due to its amazing location. Remember that our beach is clothing-optional, so feel free and secure of your privacy.

Is a deposit required when booking?

A 50% deposit of the total villas cost including taxes is required to secure your reservation. For bookings during Christmas and New Year’s holiday period, 100% payment of the reservation amount is required.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to arrival date, a 50% cancellation fee applies. Cancellations made 13 days or less prior to arrival date, 100% penalty. There are no refunds or credits issued for early checkouts. For reservations during the period of Christmas and New Year, no refund will be done in case of cancellations or changes.

Why are there no showers?

Each villa has beautiful handmade mosaic bathtubs. The idea behind this is for you to take your time, soak in the tub with bath salts and relax. The shower is an invention of rushed men. However, the only villas with a shower are the signature villas (Moon Villa and Aqua Villa) and an outdoor shower at the beach for rinsing off.

Is there hot water?

Yes, all of our Villas have hot water. Our Villas do not provide a shower, but all of them have been supplied with beautiful bathtubs.  When the baths are drained the water goes through an Eco filtration process and then waters our jungle garden. It is forbidden to hand wash clothes in your villa.

If there is no air conditioner, how do you keep the villas fresh?

Our villas have no air conditioning, but they are built for the ocean breeze to fill the space with freshness and cool air. Each villa has floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow the air to flow through it. In addition, a fan is placed on top of every bed for peaceful evenings.

What kind of dining options do Azulik offer? Is it all inclusive?

No, we are a non-inclusive hotel. We have 4 restaurants on site for guests that are constantly changing menus with fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Visit our #CenoteBar where you can enjoy a healthy, fresh, organic breakfast, lunch and dinner, from our farm with delicious vegetarian or vegan options (alternatively room service delivered to your villa). 

In addition, the #AzulikBeachBar offers fresh seafood, natural tropical cocktails, and unique dishes from our grill. We also have our high end cuisine #KinToh, that offers High Mexican Cuisine and can be experienced high up in the sky in one of our nests, check out for further description. And last, but not least, our newest addition #TseenJaSushi where you can enjoy a freshly made sushi for dinner.

Can I pay with my credit card?

The official currency in Mexico is Peso. You can pay by credit card. We accept all major cards e.g. Visa, Master Card and American Express. You can also find an ATM within 50 meters from the hotel entrance.

What climate can I expect in Tulum?

Temperatures range from 24°C to 36°C, making it perfect for your days at the beach. The cooler times of the year correlate with the Northern Hemisphere winter time.

Due to our natural environment located amidst the Mayan jungle, we recommend you to apply Mosquito repellent at any time of the day. In the villas, we offer organic natural mosquito repellent for guests.

Can turtles be seen?

Turtles lay their eggs on our beach from June to October. During this period, there is a good possibility of having the chance to see them on our beach building their nests. It is forbidden to smoke, use a flashlight or cameras with a flash because it would disturb them and scare them away.

We have candles instead of artificial light because of the turtles on our beach. During breeding season, we have many turtle nests on the beach and artificial white light would mislead them to the wrong direction. Because of this, we have one of the most populated turtle nested areas on the coast. This natural environment leads them every year back to our Azulik beach to lay their eggs.

Are the facilities accessible-friendly?

Due to the organic architecture of the hotel, wooden bridges and hanging bridges were built among the jungle, keeping the most of the environment. For this reason, we would not recommend our place for wheelchairs or people with mobility impairments. But please contact us for more details.


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