Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk in just to take pictures?

Unfortunately, you cannot visit the hotel exclusively to take pictures. However, there are some things you can do to get a snapshot in one of our iconic locations.

  • Book a table and join us for dinner. This will give you access to our restaurants where you can capture images of our architecture and the sunset above the jungle. Our private nests offer the best locations for photos and the most exclusive experiences in both of our specialty restaurants, Kin Toh and Tseen Ja.
  • Join us in one of our sunset experiences. Every day, you have the opportunity to have a drink and take some photos of an epic sundown in one of our iconic nests. Please visit this website for more details.
  • Depending on the season, IMIX, our beach club, may be open to the public. This will give you the chance to spend a day and take some pictures on our exclusive beach location.
  • SFER IK, our museum, and ZAK IK, our boutique, are open to the public. You are welcome to visit and grab a couple of shots. We ask you, however, to be very respectful of this space for art and reconnection, and above all, of the peace of our guests.

Keep in mind that none of these options give full access to the premises. ONLY OUR GUESTS are allowed to roam freely through all areas. All other bookings offer limited access, restricted to the area of your booking.



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