Experience Creativity

Aqua Villa

One of the most artistic and unforgettable Azulik Villas. By staying at the Aqua Villa, you have the chance to enjoy one of the most valued works of eco-art.

The creative soul at its maximum boosts the flow of physical energy.

Represented by the Water element, the Azulik Aqua Villa offers a unique experience of beauty and nature, accompanied by the finest hospitality of the tribe.


· Luxury VIP round trip transportation from/to Cancun Airport

· 24/7 butler service

· 1 couples massage at the villa

· Extra king size bed

· Large mosquito net

· Handmade Mayan volcanic stone bathtub

· Outdoor plunge Mayan hot tub

· Indoor and outdoor dining area

· Private staircase to the beach

· External secondary restroom on the rooftop

· Ocean view

Capacity for 2 adults
No smokers
No kids

Facilities are not suitable for Handicapped*
Please contact us for more information


When you get into our artisanal eco-villas, you get the opportunity to enjoy a unique and magical environment. They are handmade constructed and for this reason every villa has a personal touch that responds to artistic, ecological and spiritual patterns of immense value.

Aztec Villa

Enjoy a long stay, comfortable and full of vibrant energy of the Fire element that will connect with your creativity, inspiration, optimism and vitality. The Fire is an active and rejuvenating element.

Jungle Villa

Surrounded by the powerful energy of the Mayan jungle, Azulik Jungle Villas are handcrafted with eco-friendly materials of the region and characterized by their simplicity and naturalness.

Mayan Villa

Represented by the Fire element, our Mayan Villa offers a sacred reconnection with this element. The fire is creativity, inspiration, optimism, productivity and vitality. It is a masculine element (active) and rejuvenating.

Moon Villa

Experience the romance in one of the most prestigious Azulik Villas. Every detail has been created to enjoy the power of love.

Sea Villa

You can feel the harmony of Pachamama in these wonderful villas. Its main element is the Earth with the healing energy of the sea.

Sky Villa

Staying at the Sky Villa will be one of the experiences that you will always remember for its extraordinary views of the ocean. Its main element is the air (considered as fire, an active power).

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Aqua Villa

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Aqua Villa