Sound Healing therapy allows you to re-attune to the divine peace within you and reconnect with nature that surrounds you. This is a mystical sensory experience combining music with different ancient techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, tibetan bowls, harmonium, chanting, drumming and celestial strumming of harps and the guitar.


Our sound healing classes take place every Monday at 7pm in the Azulik Dome. 

---Extra class this Friday 5th May, book before 3pm Thursday 4th. Event info click here---

$35 USD per person with 50% of all proceeds are donated to ONG Centinelas del Agua. This organisation promotes nature conservation and encourages preservation of the mayan heritage improving the quality of life of local communities.

Latest to book: 3pm Monday


phone & whatsapp: +52 (1) 984 204 3571
email: spa@azulik.com or vgraf@azulik.com