Our Mystikal Wanders are an exclusive and private excursion service that grants you easy access to different natural and cultural attractions around the area. Avoiding crowded places, each and every one of our Wanders become an exploring adventure full of Mysticism and spiritual growth.

 All Mystikal Wanders are perfectly designed to make you discover the perfection of nature and the cultural richness of the Maya people. Travel through the jungle and ruins, meet a real shaman, visit a Maya family to discover their traditions or spoil yourself with a massage therapy on a secluded breathtaking cenote.  

Our Mystikal Wanderers are professional trained guides who not only show you the place around, but actually make you fall in love with the culture and environment through legends, stories and little-known details of each zone visited.  To compliment this amazing experience, all Wanders include a specially designed gourmet picnic from our Chef. Discover the unexplored with Mystikal Wanders.

Our Wanders

You can download the pdf with full description of each of our Mystikal Wanders. We also offer smaller different tours that can be tailored to what you are after depending on the time of year and availability. 

Mystikal Wanders Catalogue 2017


email: mystikal@azulik.com