The heart and essence of Azulik is its Tribe and its projects with local communities. Azulik actions are guided by the wish to maintain the Mayan culture alive by using their knowledge in all our projects from construction, SPA, restaurants, permaculture and boutique.

Our first community is our staff, working with us as a family to achieve together to make a difference. We truly believe each one of us is carrying its own magic but sometimes need to discover it. We promote each one creativity by sharing doubts and doing brainstorming to come out with uniqueness in the solutions we propose.


Currently our Dome houses Tatiana Trouvé’s 250 Points Towards Infinity installation, part of the “Alignments” exposition in our art gallery IK Lab. 250 pendulums descending from the heights of the 12 meter high dome in diagonal lines pointing towards an intricate constellation on the ground as if directed by invisible hands. Another version of this piece is currently shown at the Red Brick Museum in Beijing, China and has been presented at the 29th edition of the São Paulo Biennale and at the "Espace Louis Vuitton" in Tokyo.

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