Ancient rituals

Ancient rituals provide experiences of integration with the elements and native and modern non-invasive techniques, as a means to tear down the defences of the personality, confront the ego and increase our own energy. It helps us discover the intimate relationship and correspondence between the context and our own human condition.



It is a unique technique of transformation and body balance. The therapist connects with your subconscious by means of muscular or kinesiological tests to detect physical and emotional imbalances. Then, the guide places magnets in specific points that will detoxify the organs, balance the PH and eliminate sensitive blockages.

60 min

Individual meditation

With the help of the guide, you enter a state of relaxation. Meditation stimulates self-awareness, provides greater awareness and creativity, stimulates and reinforces the areas of the brain assigned to happiness and joy, increases the IQ and stimulates the immune system, among many other advantages.

45 min

Vibrational massage with bowls

The guide performs a sound bath, with the vibrations of bowls that radiate different frequencies, and the receiver reaches relaxation and harmony. In the 90-min massage, the therapist works in a specific area that requires special attention.

60 / 90 min

Healing the Na and Taat origin

It is a ceremony of thanksgiving to life. You will be guided to put each family member in their rightful place in the family tree. That provides clarity and opens paths in the relationship with mom and dad. After that, the Mayan gods will help you to release locks.

60 min

Energy Cleanse

The physical body suffers pain, inflammation and imbalance due to uneven loads. The guide uses several resources, which can be branches of magic herbs, drums, fire, among others, to dislodge or break the emotional knots. The therapist chooses the instrument according to the person. The clean energy has the power to remove any badly qualified vibration. The herbal bouquet, for example, absorbs and transforms it.

30 min

Clean of the 4 elements

The power of the four elements is used by the guide to clean the accumulated loads in the energy body, achieving balance and general peace. The clay of the region represents the earth: we absorb its minerals and properties that allow us to root; the sacred resin of the copal represents the fire that lights our vitality; the air, in the form of the roar of the jaguar and the song of the eagle, will enhance our senses. Finally, water will purify any negative residue.

60 min

Chakras Harmonization

It gathers the benefit of several ancestral techniques, starting with a soft massage that allows to relax the physical body and identify points that require attention. After that, the guide places magnets in that specific points in order to balance them. Once achieved the physical relaxation, the therapist focuses, through Ra-Haraktys healing, on the energetic, emotional and mental bodies harmonizing their chakras. * 60 min= 30 min back and neck massage / 90 min= 60 min full body massage

60 / 90 min


It offers the opportunity to close cycles of the past, releasing toxic relationships and negative emotions trapped in our being. Generating positive vibrations and promoting balance through individual work that requires the total delivery of the receiver to achieve the objective. Our guide will assist and take care of you during the therapy.

90 min



Ixchel Ceremony

Ixchel was the Mayan Goddess of the Moon, of Love, of Medicine and gestation. Her name means Rainbow Woman. It had four manifestations with different colors: white, red, black and yellow, associated with the four directions of the universe. It's known that this Goddess protected the pilgrims who visited their lands We connect through the music and the songs, in synchrony with the herbs and the copal cleansing, requesting the permission to the guardians of the space through a meditation of the pardon. The guide uses seeds and colorful flowers and integrates the ritual of the four elements to close the ceremony with love and forgiveness, in a total transformation.

Cocoa Ceremony

The spirit of the Cacao ceremony is the reconnection with our ancestors that transport us to that initial embrace, to that warmth of home and family. We connect with those intimate and unforgettable moments, inviting people to share an occasion of fraternity sitting in a circle on the ground looking at each other, recognizing each other as equals and sharing that sweet elixir, a gift of the gods. In that moment of confidence, in which the aroma and the taste evoke memories of childhood, an opportunity for reconciliation opens up with who we are and have been.

Zumpulche (temazcal)

It is a prehispanic ritual used throughout Mesoamerica by shamans for ceremonial purposes to contact the gods and as a purifying, healing and renewal process. It requires great spiritual and mental work: represents the death of weakness, of illness, of the paralyzing emotions and feelings. It implies overcoming one's limitations to reborn strong and renewed.

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