Solstice after equinox
Seasons fly over the Mayan jungle,
under the 13 constellations

On the tree, the house
in the house, the kitchen
and in our hands
the wisdom to master the fire

The sun goes down, and so does the
afternoon to start a trip
from the height of birds.


Four course menu

Two appetizers, main course
and dessert from our Chef.

+ Wine pairing

Eight course menu

Four appetizers, two main courses
and desserts from our Chef.

+ Wine pairing



Under the axiote veil

Chilpachole soup, sealed lobster sheets,
chak xa ák veil, jamaica bud

Between the sea and the forest

Baked oysters, wild mushroom sauce,
fresh black truffle

An embrace of the Mayan tradition

Caribbean octopus, zák xa ák,
soy emulsion, crispy yuca

Where the coconut life begins

Coconut apple and lionfish ceviche,
white cucumber, sour orange emulsion

Roots camouflage

Wood-roasted carrots, goat cheese
mousse and banana flakes

Citrus vegetable flower

Avocado and palm hearts marinated with citrus,
grape oil, jicama, chaya leaves in sour orange

Valladolid’s soil

Corn true, oven-roasted tender corn,
longaniza from Valladolid, blue corn crumble,
polenta chips and crispy malanga

Food of the gods

Deer Tartar, caramelized pumpkin seeds
on box xa ák, mustard caviar, corn ash croutons

Fragance from the peninsula

Grouper, avocado and local lime emulsion,
crispy avocado leaves, sorrel leaves, coriander



Wandering the region

Twenty hours slow and low heat cooked
Ossobuco, meat juice, zák xaák

Among Mayan ashes

Lamb cooked in firewood, purslane salad,
crispy tapioca, box xa ák sauce

Over low heat

Braised veal cheek, tamarind glaze,
sautéed chaya, mashed sweet potato

The flavor of time

Twenty-eight days aged and coconut
smoked rib eye, chaya chips,
mashed potato, marrow butter

A gift from the Old World

Confit Yaax Kaaj piglet in avocado oil,
grilled local plantain purée,
milpero tomato, zák xa ák

Between bushes and quelites

Catch of the day, herbs mole,
quintonil leaves salad, tejocote relish

Caribbean reef

Caribbean lobster, mexican pepper leaf butter,
dry noodles with chilpachole, roasted avocado

Bridge between the seas

Sealed tuna, chaya sauce, basil oil,
tempura huauzontles, coriander,
mustard leaves

Sea corn

Grilled shrimps, roasted poblano chileatole,
local roots flakes, spicy leaves

The circle of season

Truffled Castilla pumpkin, rosemary butter,
baby corn velouté, nori seaweed

Smoke from Yucatan

Roasted cauliflower marinade in
oregano Yucateco, pumpkin seeds sauce,
crunchy chia and purple mustard leaves

Encounter of the worlds

Homemade fettuccine, sikil-pak, crispy chaya,
freshly black true, Grana padano cheese




Chocolate soufflé, guajillo essence,
mole ice cream, cold chocolate

Primary galaxy

Almond rice pudding, passion fruit,
hibiscus, basil sorbet, pink pepper

Tropic of corn

Pineapple tamale, coconut,
tepache sorbet, piña colada foam

Crispy mestizo

Mini marquesitas, cheese mousse,
orange marmalade, hazelnut chocolate, cajeta


5:30 PM – 12:00 AM

5:30 PM – 6:30

6:00 PM – 10:30 PM