Della Corte’s exceptional talent blends the best of Italy with local and in-house products that combine Mexican and Mayan tradition into extraordinary taste sensations unique to their inspiration. Azulik’s signature-food includes Mexican and Mayan touch, fresh seafood, artisanal breads, pastry and more.

The exceptional style of Paolo Della Corte, with the help of his executive sous chef Giovanni Balloni, combines the best of international cuisine with local products that mix the best of Mexico and the Mayan Culture.

Besides being an Italian in love with Mexico and a fan of its gastronomy, he has worked with some of the most recognized Michelin star chefs in Europe. Like the chef Joël Robuchon of the restaurant L'Atelier Saint-Germain in Paris, with two Michelin stars. With chef Pino Lavarra from the restaurant with two Michelin stars, Ravello, near to his hometown on the Amalfi coast of Italy, and at the prestigious five-star luxury hotel Palazzo Avino at its restaurant Rossellinis.Della Corte was influenced by the exceptional standards and experience of the famous chef Heston Blumenthal, during his affiliation at The Fat Duck in London, the renowned three Michelin star restaurant.

His additional experience includes the restaurant of Giovanni Rana Verona, San Domenico, with two Michelin stars and more than 45 years, in Imola; and finally Gennaro Esposito of the Sarracino tower in Naples, with two Michelin stars, an icon of the southern Italian cuisine.

Chef Paolo continuously offers high quality, cutting-edge food and exquisite menus. He has a passion for food, attention to detail and the ability to combine traditional cuisine in an innovative way. His culinary skills and impressive background led him to Tulum and the iconic Azulik restaurant, Kin Toh, known for its breathtaking views of the Mayan jungle.

The exclusive food of Azulik and Kin Toh include Mexican and Mayan touches, fresh seafood (local exotic meat), artisan bread, desserts and more.