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Journey A

to The CITY of Arts

AZULIK Uh May is our home, the place where the whole AZULIK universe is born.  Come and enter this unique world in its architecture and learn why we are the City of the Arts. Meet the muses of SFER IK Uh May, the plants that inhabit the museum and play while you explore, then finish your day with an alchemical dinner in the middle of the jungle at Jungle Cuisine.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5.30 pm

Includes transportation, entrance to SFER IK  Uh may and dinner at Jungle Cuisine.


Journey B

The Art

Feel in the fingertips of your hands how art reconnects you with your inner self, let the creativity of your heart materialize in a beautiful piece that involves all the elements: earth, fire, water, wind and the human touch. Come and create a piece of ceramics guided by our artisans in AZULIK Tulum. Preceded by an awareness meditation and then delight your senses while you have breakfast.

9:00  am

Includes a meditation session, breakfast and a ceramic workshop. You can take your masterpiece with you!
Discount of 25% off in our interiors store: BAZAAR IK.


Journey C

The Colors
of Your Soul

Come and discover what the colors of your soul look like by dyeing a shirt using natural pigments made of flowers, vegetables and plants. Our fashion team of Aníkena, renowned widely by their innovation in design and sustainability will show you how their pieces are created while they help you create your own. After playing with colors, you’ll be able to take with you your new treasure.

12.00 p.m  to 2.00 pm

Includes a fashion workshop and your final tshirt Discount of 25% off in our boutique: ZAK IK.


These experiences will be hosted in AZULIK Tulum and AZULIK Uh May premises and are
an exclusive trait designed for guests.


Please contact AZULIK team of Angels on the day of your visit to
book your creative journey.

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